I'm Rachel, a twenty-something currently living in Cheshire, UK. A Little Grey is a space for me to share and talk about my favourite things and whatever else is on my mind; usually related to lifestyle, beauty, design, music and mental health.

ALG is currently having a (much needed, and long overdue) makeover, so expect to see some big changes to the design and structure, as well as these pages!

For now though, if you want to work with me or just want to say hi, here's my contact page - or you can tweet me @rachelkellis for a faster response x


  1. Hey Doll,
    I just did The Versatile Blogger Award Tag and have tagged you next in it!
    Hope you have fun doing it and be sure to tweet me (@aoifejanebeauty ) or leave me a comment on my blog ( aoifejanebeauty.com ) when you've completed the tag (so I can be nosy and learn more about you!)

    Aoife x

  2. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award too! http://www.joiedejodie.com/2015/01/the-liebster-versatile-blogger-awards.html
    I look forward to reading your response!
    - Jodie x


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