Monday, 8 May 2017

The Best Phone Games for Anxiety & Dermatillomania

The Best Phone Games for Anxiety & Dermatillomania
It's no secret that fidget/stim toys, though actually designed and intended for people with ADHD, autism, anxiety etc. are having a "moment" despite being around for ages; it seems everyone's got their sarcastic "these are pointless and millennials are the woooorst" takes. Ugh.

Fidget toys are great, and really help when I'm anxious or I catch myself scanning as part of my dermatillomania. My tangle toy and stress toy are never far from me, and I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of my fidget cube (thanks, Mel!), but in the mean time I've been investigating a new stim technique: phone games.

While playing on your phone might get you thrown out of class or inhibit focus and productivity in lectures or at work, they're great for when you're at home or out and about on public transport. I've spent a lot of my life on trains--travelling to and from uni, visiting friends in various cities, going home to visit my parents etc.--and sometimes I need to keep my hands and brain as busy as possible, and listening to music or reading a book just won't cut it.

Below are the phone games I've found to be most helpful when trying to stay calm or ward off unwelcome habits. I generally look for games that are nice to look at, repetitive in some way and easy to play while demanding focus.

For the most part, these games are free, though I sometimes pay for no ads (£1.99 max!!) just to make everything a little cleaner (and because I'm high maintenance). There's a few cheap games in this list, too, but I wouldn't include them if I didn't think they were worth the price.

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