Sunday, 3 July 2016

Taking A Breather

Taking A Breather | A Little Grey

Last month I tweeted that I was having a good mental health week, the best in years, but then I woke up a few days later and all the noise was back, after eight days of quiet. I thought maybe it would be okay, because at least I had those good days, right? But it's not okay. To be honest, it feels everything but okay.

Mostly I've been working on drowning out the constant stream of self-insults and overcoming the suffocation I feel sometimes simply for being in my own skin. Every now and then I leave the house, but usually I don't. Sometimes I find the words I'm searching for, but more often than not, writer's block wins. I've lost a great deal of interest in a lot of the stuff I love, and that sucks. Motivation is out the window, too, and I can't focus on anything for long.

It's frustrating and boring and disappointing and I'm really angry about it, but there's not a whole lot I can do right now.

So, yeah... it's been a little quiet around here this past few months, and it's probably gonna stay that way for a while longer, too; I have to figure some stuff out and start using the little energy I have to get some new projects rolling, reply to people I need to reply to. Basically: I'm gonna try my best to get (some) shit done, you know?

I guess I wanted to say that I'm still about, just not so present. Bear with me.

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