Saturday, 30 January 2016

Downtime in Bali: 6 Online Finds

Almost two weeks ago I said goodbye to Maddy after three incredible months travelling Southeast Asia, and jumped on a plane from Bangkok to Ubud, Bali for some "me time" and green juice before joining her back at home.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster (spending too much time alone usually ends in hysteria for this here Emotional Person), but a lot of good has come from it, too. Namely, while I'm generally rested and relaxed, I'm also feeling extremely inspired and starting to knuckle down and get stuff done. And that was pretty much the plan: take a time out, do some yoga, do some reading, do some writing, do some drawing. Take a time out. Headspace.

While a considerable portion of the time I've spent on my balcony (and I've spent a lot of time on my balcony, because... the view, you guys) involves listening to season one of Serial and re-reading Lolita, I've also made a conscious effort to read, watch, listen to, admire and absorb as much inspiring, motivating and soul-feeding content (read: stuff) online as possible. Here are the standouts:

I already knew she was a total badass*, but this podcast just took my love for Essie Button to a whole new level. She's just the most inspiring, creative, interesting, funny, down-to-earth and not to mention beautiful woman. I see your concerns that YouTubers are bad role models for kids, and raise you Estée. Just listen to the way she talks about learning new things, and the importance of doing something because you love it, not just because you want to be the very best at it, and why relationships with friends and family are most important. And everything else she talks about. Get it, Estée, get it**.

*and other such sentiments that I can only ever get away with in writing because I'm too British to say them out loud.j

**as above.

002. (Magazine) Doll Hospital mag

I stumbled upon this incredible print magazine while doing some research for my own mental health project, and fell head over heels for the whole concept. Doll Hospital is an art and literature magazine on mental health - "it's 172 pages full colour of soothing illustrations, comic art, poetry, fiction, literary essays and real talk" and I'm all for it.

The pages are filled with beautiful artwork and encouraging words, personal experiences and important reminders, I've read both cover to cover and it's the sort of thing I'll be flicking through again and again if I ever need a pickmeup or a little motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

So far, there's been two issues, and I immediately bought them both as digital copies, although it hurt my soul that I wasn't in the UK to order the print versions. Maybe I'll do that when I get back, too?

003. (Article) This is What I Believe In by T.W. Abel, on Soul Anatomy

Some beautiful words on where the author finds meaning, his/her values, what is important. Not every point resonates with me but I love that. I love that everyone could write their own version of this (as I plan to do, just in my journal) and none would be the same. As I'm thinking a lot about my own values at the moment (see no. 5), this was a good and timely read.

004. (Poetry) Andrea Gibson

Okay so not so much a "find"; I've loved Andrea Gibson for years, like, I'm a big fan (I've got a reference to one of her poems permanently scrawled on my body, yo). Lately, though, lI've been reading and re-reading her words more than ever. She has a way of creating a journey in her words and forcing you to travel it with her and feel her feelings alongside her. I'm barely sure that makes sense but I can't think of a better way to describe the twists and turns and wit and metaphor in her work. It's art. It's so clever and powerful, and has rarely not brought me to tears, not that that's a challenge. For a taster, you can also head to this page on Goodreads.

I listened to this after reading Rebecca's post on 5 inspiring podcasts, because the idea of being okay with "average" intrigued me. It's not what you think, and it's actually a beautiful concept that really struck a chord with me. Jessica described her situation a couple of years ago, and it couldn't be more similar to the position I'm in right now, so it's inspiring to hear about what she's doing now and how she's defining her own success. Her 10 truths are seriously inspiring.

Following on from that podcast, From Roses added her two cents, and it's definitely worth a read.

"Life works in seasons and it might not be until later in life that you reach your big hustle and right now could be your time to work on other area's of your life, which are just as important. Not everybody wants a big fancy job title and a killer career history and it's no-one else's place to make a judgement."

(Unofficial 007.) In her post, Rebecca also recommended this article on Clementine Daily, which talks all about embracing the "anti-hustle":

"...the point isn’t the pushing — it’s the passion that precipitates the push. Sustainable hustle thrives only with wholeheartedness as fuel."

Yep. I'm sold. 

Did you enjoy any of these, too? What's inspiring you online at the moment?

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