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8 Instagrams I Love

8 Instagram Feeds I Love | A Little Grey

Instagram is my ideal social media platform; I love having a nose at other people's lives and I love documenting my own in pictures, even if it's just the every day things. It's no wonder, then, that I've spent a lot of time making my feed as curated as possible, scrolling endlessly through the "discover" section to find the prettiest, most inspiring accounts to follow.

Sharing is caring, so I thought I'd tell you all about some of my faves. I was going to include each as an Instagram widget, but I wanted to be able to show you more photos than any I could find, so you could really get a feel for each account.

I'll get to it: here's eight of my absolute favourite Instagram feeds - a nice mix of art, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. Hope you love them as much as me!


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Cider with Rosie

Just like her lovely blog, Rosie's feed is so pretty and happy and wholesome, it makes me feel all nice and warm inside (especially at the moment, with all her cosy, autumnal posts starting to make an appearance). I think it's her attention to detail that really draws you in; gorgeous composition and styling making every photo worth tapping the little heart for. The food (general life) envy is real, too.


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Fearbear

I don't remember exactly when I stumbled upon Olivia's feed, but I'm so glad I did. Her tattoos are some of my favourites and I've scribbled up so many ideas for designs as a result of her inspiring work. Other than beautiful tattoos and pretty sketchbooks, Olivia's cat is a fave, and her personal posts are lovely, too. Just wish she wasn't in Vancouver so I could get a commission!


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Fashion Influx

As you might be able to tell from the photos I've included here, I really love Lydia's cat. I also love her style and her makeup, and considering her feed is the perfect mix of all the above, it's no wonder I adore it so much. It's also no secret that I'm a fan of grey/monochrome, so it was love at first sight with both her Instagram and her blog - she understands me.


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Corina Nika

I love everything about Corina Nika - her blog is one of my absolute favourites, her portfolio is my go-to for an inspiration boost and I'm constantly pinning her designs. She's currently living in Kefalonia (swoon), so her Instagram - all ocean vistas, cute little Greek details and inspiring design - isn't so hard on the eyes, either. I really, really love her, can you tell?


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Nude on Broad Street

I've followed Olivia's blog for what seems like forever - even way back when I had my old blog (don't go looking for it, it's gone for good!) I always love the minimal, monochrome simplicity of Nude on Broad St., and that's exactly what her Instagram feed is like. This gal has an eye for style and knows how to take a good lookin' picture, too.


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Allie M Taylor

Allie Taylor's is possibly the most inspiring Instagram account I've ever seen. Each and every one of her photos is so breathtakingly beautiful I can barely do them justice by talking about them. I could honestly stare at her photos for hours, as well as @themodernvoyage, which she co-curates, too. I feel like her whole feed is begging for a Bon Iver type soundtrack - just me?


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Lisa Dengler

A recent ish addition to my carefully curated Instagram feed is Lisa Dengler, who just makes me wish I lived in NYC. Again - and yes I am ashamed that there seems to be a theme here - her cats are cute too. I love the slightly quirky nature of her photos - there's something Alexa Chung about the overall aesthetic which I can't quite put my finger on (personality-wise, somehow?), but otherwise I just love Lisa's style and want Lisa's life, so.


ALG | 8 Instagrams I Love - Hello Emilie

Another incredible travel feed, Emilie tells her story so beautifully I want to go to each and every place she photographs. There's something especially peaceful about the whole feed, too, and when I first found her I scrolled through every single photo. It took me a long while, but I bet you'll do it too.

While these are some of my absolute favourites, I'm always discovering more accounts I want to rave about and there's so many more I'd have included if it wasn't already so long... part two?

Are we Instagram pals yet? Find my account here, leave your @s in the comments and let me know your favourites, too!

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