Monday, 7 September 2015

Monday | 5 Happy Things

Almost two months after I last published a blog post, I finally have the emotional energy to get something written. Until I can think of something a little more inspiring, then, here's five things which made my Monday worth waking up for...

1. Working from home = working in pyjamas & having actual real life time to breathe

Granted, today has been a bit of a rollercoaster - I'm not quite emotionally ready to be working from home, I don't think-  but there's already so many positives; I have time to actually do stuff. Like, I can go to the dentist or the post office or just to the shops if I want to shop away from the weekend crowds. Today, for example, I made soup. Somebody bloody stop me.

2. Best friends on the same continent (and cooking dinner and watching MIC)

I've been reunited with one of my best friends in the entire world after almost a year apart and a Monday reunited with one of your best friends in the entire world could never be a bad Monday, could it? Especially if that Monday involves pretending not to enjoy watching Made in Chelsea.

3. Exciting beauty-related parcels

What better way to celebrate leaving a job than by spending money I don't have? Beauty Bay gets me, and so does free next day delivery.

Also, Charl Tilbs is at it again with her new Magic Foundation, and obviously I couldn't not try out a sample almost immediately. It's a dangerous move, I know, and I can't afford to fall in love with another higher end foundation, but, watch this space for my thoughts!

4. Leftover birthday pick & mix

I'll be honest, I started this post this morning and am finishing it 8 hours later; no birthday pick & mix remains... all that's left is guilt and the dawning realisation that I am 24 years of age and therefore probably too old for pick & mix. Happy birthday, me.

5. Designing my tattoo

Whether or not I ever get around to a) finishing the design and b) actually getting the tattoo is another story, but at least I've made a start, finally! (Note: the sketch above isn't mine, I found it on Pinterest - see my  "Ink" board).

What's keeping you positive this week?

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