Saturday, 26 September 2015

Custom Laptop Skin Review + Giveaway & Discount Code (CLOSED!)

Marble laptop skin - £22, CaseApp*

Fun fact: I am seriously squeamish about the feel of the newer MacBooks. It's the aluminium... is it smooth or is it gritty? I can't tell, and brushing my hand over it makes me feel all funny, so I prefer wearing long sleeves while I blog/work/live my life (I wish I was joking). Even worse, when it's connected to a power source and goes all static and blaaahh. Anyway...

When I was offered a free custom laptop skin by CaseApp, I didn't realise quite how much it would improve my life for the better. Sounds (and is, obviously) dramatic, but not only does my MacBook look nicer now, there's also about 50% less chance of my skin crawling after an accidental stroke of the gritty-smooth aluminium. Win-win.

Now you're all reassured that I'm a dramatic weirdo, here's my thoughts and feelings on my laptop skin...

The CaseApp site is easy to use (a good job because I'm not so great at navigating websites... said the digital marketer) and the process was also extremely straight forward. Designing your own allows you to follow templates or upload your own photos (helloooo, Insta-collage), add text and so on, but because I'm boring and a blogger cliché, I opted for the "Icy and White" marble pattern. Naturally.

Delivery was surprisingly quick, like, a couple of days quick, but I'll be honest, when I first saw the cover in its packaging, I had some serious doubts about the overall quality and how it would look (here's an example of how the skin comes, because I forgot to take a photo). The colour (or lack of) was pretty much exactly what I expected, although in some lights I've noticed it has a slightly blue-y tone. No real issue with that.

All my concerns quickly vanished, however, because the second I applied it to my MacBook I was in love, much cemented by the easy application. I expected it to be quite fiddly and difficult, but it was seriously easy, and any bubbles were easy to work out of it with the palm of my hands. It took all of 60 seconds and that was literally that... done.

I think it looks and feels really high quality, and I've got so many compliments on it. It's nice being able to touch my MacBook without wincing, too.

Love it as much as me? You're in luck, because I've teamed up with CaseApp to offer one of you guys a free CaseApp custom laptop skin or phone case! Whatever design you have in mind, enter the giveaway with Rafflecopter below.

If you can't wait til the end of the giveaway, I'm spoiling you with a discount code, too - just enter alittlegreycase (cute af) at checkout for 20% off your custom laptop skin order!

To enter my giveaway, please:

1. leave a comment on this post
2. follow me on Bloglovin.

If you complete both of these, you'll unlock more ways to enter (max 8 entries per person)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck you lovely bunch x

P.s. anyone else get that with the aluminium? Anyone?

*This post contains items that were gifted to me for review. All opinions are of course my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.

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