Wednesday, 30 September 2015

ALG September Playlist

ALG September Playlist
I'll cut to the chase: despite monthly editions since December (that's a good stint, though, you guys), there's been no playlist on my blog since June's. Sorry, sorry, but ALG playlists took a two-month hiatus because I was burning out and wasn't feeling all that inspired by music and yada yada.

I'm back and alive and kickin' and thought I'd get this month's one out before September ends. Just about made it. I'm kind of clinging on to summer with this selection, which I think is justified because September has been a weird mix of summer and autumn; there were a few days where I wore my bobble hat and winter coat it was that cold, but I also sat by the river with an ice cream about a week later, so.

There's some of my usual stuff, plus some old school Maccabees (have been re-listening to their old albums lately) and, as usual, some stuff I should probably be ashamed of but am not.

If it's your cup of tea, you can subscribe to the playlist on Spotify here and find the rest of my monthly playlists here. Enjoy!

What have you been listening to lately?

As of 20th October I'm going to be in South East Asia for three months and won't be doing monthly playlists - would any of you be interested in an update on my favourite travel music, though?

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