Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Currently I am... #2

Currently I am...

Excited to: return to Leeds this weekend to visit Rupert and Oliver.

Admiring: the most beautiful (and under-appreciated) Instagram account belonging to Laura Mauger. Especially her photograph from the top of Snowdon which makes my heart hurt and my soul happy (below).

Snowdon | Laura Mauger via A Little Grey

Wearing: a (beautiful) Missguided Active Wear sports bra, my trusty Zara flannel shirt and some trousers - if you can call anything this large 'trousers' - I got made in a Kenyan market. I hope nobody expects me to apologise for this ensemble.

Listening to: SG Lewis (in my June playlist) and my summer playlist (watch this space). Now loading: the latest Make It Happen podcast.

Wishing: I was in my (hypothetical) rented hut in Bali, listening to the sound of the (hypothetical) ocean while enjoying a (hypothetical) fruit platter. Or somethin'.

In awe of: Suki Waterhouse (being all "bad" and looking all brilliant and exceptional and great).

Craving: Tara over at Get The Skinny's healthy millionaire's shortbread. Holy hell.

Determined to: get my blog design started (thanks for the kick up the bum, Jasmine).

Anticipating: all the change over the next few months.

Feeling: a little anxious and under the weather (a cold and my period - somebody has it out for me.)

Happy about: the existence of duvets and soup.

Reading: Under the Skin by Michel Faber.

Appreciating: the small bursts of inspiration between all this exhaustion and feeling drained and in a rut. Hello 34 blog drafts - I promise I'll finish you one day.

Irritated by: the abundance of 'jokes' re. 50 Cent going bankrupt. Yeah... ha ha ha the irony. We've all heard the joke a million times now - stop tweeting it.

Inspired by: this post by Hannah Gale - can't stop thinking about it, weirdly. There's something very special about the pictures not even the most pressing of phone memory emergencies could make you delete.

Planning: my next Pinterest round up and some pretty exciting blog posts, involving a little (and hopefully useful!) freebie and some illustrations.

Regretting: not powering through and going to the gym tonight despite feeling crappy. I now feel even more crappy.

Loving: Merlin (and Pusteblumig design in general).

Unsure about: next steps.

What are you up to today? Do you like these kinds of posts? I know a "currently" post is in no way a new or creative idea, but they're fun to do, nonetheless!

All photographs in this post belong to Laura Mauger and were used with her permission. She's so incredibly talented and an all-round wonderful (and hilarious) human being - give her a follow.

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