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Of Note: 8 Great Online Reads #3

A Little Grey - Of Note: 8 Great Online Reads #3

It's about time I got around to posting another online reads roundup; I just find these things so hard to compile. I always think I have my final eight and then suddenly I remember that brilliantly funny/inspiring blog post I read the night before and suddenly I'm having to re-think the whole thing and cut one of them out. Seriously, you guys, it's like that part of the X Factor with the chairs where Cheryl makes loads of bad decisions and everyone cries. Anyway, I eventually, just about, sort of got there...

Confession one: there's two slight cheat additions today, because two of these are actually series', so technically this is like 30 reads, but whatever.
Confession two: I always start compiling these posts weeks and weeks in advance, so sometimes the content isn't the newest ever - in fact some of these are months old. But again, whatever.

Minor disclaimers aside, here's my carefully (brutally) curated roundup of eight(ish) things I've loved reading online lately. I hope you like!

001. Caroline Hirons | Beauty Myths

My number one go-to for anything skincare related, Caroline Hirons has started a series of posts busting some beauty-related myths we call all benefit from reading. Give them a read, they will not disappoint, and even the savviest, wisest of beauty moguls will learn something, I promise. Caroline's wizard-like skincare skills played a big part in my first Beauty FAQs post last week, and I'm positive she will in the second part, too; keep a look out for that over the next few weeks!

002. Vice | The Vice Guide to Mental Health

I'll be honest, when it was first announced that Vice were teaming up with Mind for this two week editorial project, I was more excited than I was by the outcome. I thought the project had a great deal of potential, and perhaps fell a bit short in terms of the variety of content they produced; there needed to have been more articles surrounding the more everyday experiences of mental health, if you ask me, and not just the extremes. That said, the extremes are very real, and very common, too, and there's some great reads here (try this one and this one, in particular). Plus, opening up the mental health conversation on such a popular site can only be a good thing for destigmatisation.

003. Cocorrina | Overcome Self Doubt (The Freelance Life No.44)

My love for Corina Nika was founded about a year ago when I stumbled across a free desktop download of hers via Pinterest. Since then, I head over to her site every few days to get inspired, and unashamedly bought my favourite ASOS shirt after seeing this post (I now own it in black, too; should I be embarrassed? Probably). Anyway, I digress... The Freelance Life is an amazing series for creatives and aspiring/newbie freelancers, where Corina consistently inspires and excites, whilst occasionally giving more general advice like in this post, which I highly recommend you read for a bit of a boost this weekend.

While you're there, check out the whole TFL series - so worth a read if you're a blogger or creative.

Be Your Own Biggest Fan | A Little Grey - 8 Great Online Reads #3
"We all have to be our own best friends in this world instead of ripping ourselves to shreds." - Rebecca @ From Roses

004. From Roses | Being Your Own Encouragement

This is probably about the third time I've included Rebecca's lovely blog on here now, but for good reason: she posts a perfect mix of style and beauty tips, lifestyle and motivational advice and inspiration. This post in particular is a necessary reminder to love and encourage yourself without projecting other people's doubts onto yourself; be your own biggest fan.

005. Koty Neelis | It's Okay To Live A Life Other People Don't Understand

I read this article in the middle of the night a few days ago, when I was feeling depressed and tired with the world. It helped me find my spark again, and that's so huge for me. Feeling uninspired, demotivated, trapped or suffocated? Read it.
"So, here’s the thing. Maybe your thing isn’t travel. Maybe your thing isn’t writing. Maybe it isn’t music or painting or any sort of creative field whatsoever. Maybe you come from a family of lawyers and all you want is to pursue social work. Perhaps your lifelong dream has been to build libraries in Bolivia or champion for human rights in developing countries. We all have our own thing inside of us, driving us to do something, to do more, to be more than whatever it is we are today, right now, in this moment... 
When you let go of other people’s preconceived notions of your life and focus on your truth – whatever that may be – your life becomes sweeter and fuller than ever before. You must learn how to feed yourself, you must learn how to pay your bills, yes, but after that the world opens up. You know there’s something else out there for you and you know this is not the only thing you’re capable of. You own your own story. And shouldn’t you make it one of the best stories you’ve ever read?"

006. Wiley Reading | 5 Things to Do (& Not Do) to Support Someone With Depression

I've read a lot of these kinds of posts. Often I find they make annoying, sweeping statements, tarring every person's experience of depression with the same, single-experience often stereotypical (sadly) brush. This one doesn't do that - in fact, it continually references how varied the illness can be in its many forms - and it's a really valuable read for that very reason. Number 4, Understand That Depression Does Not Mean 'Sadness', is such a crucial point. This is a fantastic read whether you know someone who has depression or have depression yourself (or neither of those).

Embrace Big Picture Thinking | A Little Grey - 8 Great Online Reads #3
"Once you embrace big picture thinking, you can start to really dig deep and explore the long term possibilities that your online space has to offer." - Jen @ Jenny Purr

007. Jenny Purr | A Six Step Guide To Thinking Bigger With Your Blog

I was trawling through Jen's site looking at her resources and listening to her brilliant podcast, Make It Happen, and stumbled across this great piece on thinking bigger with your blog. One of the best guides of its nature I've seen, Jen got me thinking about points I hadn't even considered; from taking a step back from your blog to let yourself grow to making your blog the 'hub' not the 'centre'. She also includes some valuable questions that are worth asking yourself if you're a blogger, so definitely check this one out.

008. Into The Gloss | Interview with Kate Rooney, Beauty Editor, About Time Magazine

love the ITG interviews: they satisfy both my nosiness and my beauty obsession simultaneously, and the photographs which complement the words are always beautiful in that signature candid ITG style. Given my (recently found) love for About Time Magazine, an interview with its beauty editor was always going to excite me, and, of course, it didn't disappoint.

What noteworthy reads have you found online lately? You can read my other online read roundups here.

Image sources - header images clockwise from left: CocorrinaFrom RosesInto The GlossJenny PurrOther images my own.

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