Friday, 29 May 2015

Of Note: 8 Great Online Reads #3

A Little Grey - Of Note: 8 Great Online Reads #3

It's about time I got around to posting another online reads roundup; I just find these things so hard to compile. I always think I have my final eight and then suddenly I remember that brilliantly funny/inspiring blog post I read the night before and suddenly I'm having to re-think the whole thing and cut one of them out. Seriously, you guys, it's like that part of the X Factor with the chairs where Cheryl makes loads of bad decisions and everyone cries. Anyway, I eventually, just about, sort of got there...

Confession one: there's two slight cheat additions today, because two of these are actually series', so technically this is like 30 reads, but whatever.
Confession two: I always start compiling these posts weeks and weeks in advance, so sometimes the content isn't the newest ever - in fact some of these are months old. But again, whatever.

Minor disclaimers aside, here's my carefully (brutally) curated roundup of eight(ish) things I've loved reading online lately. I hope you like!

Monday, 25 May 2015

ALG May Playlist

A Little Grey - May Playlist
Okay fine, so it's basically June (wtaf), but at least that means this is a fair reflection of what music I actually listened to this month, right? It's a slightly longer playlist than last month, so I won't bore you with long, detailed descriptions of each track; just have a listen for yourself. There's a nice mix of summery songs and rainy day songs this month because that's what England is doing to us; the playlist is as confused as we are.

In no particular order...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

3 Beauty Questions My Friends Ask Me: Makeup

3 Beauty Questions My Friends Ask Me: Makeup

Last week, having watched me and the Space NK assistant have a conversation about the new Laura Mercier Silk Creme formulas (dreamy, in case you were wondering), Maddy told me it was as though she was listening to two people talking in another language; like we were bilingual in English and makeup. I love that, no matter how ashamed I should probably be.

Nerdiness aside, I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but when it comes to makeup and skincare, I tend to be the person my friends come to for tips and advice.

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