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28 Things My Best Friend Has Taught Me

28 Things My Best Friend Has Taught Me

It's my best friend Maddy's 23rd birthday today and her present is, as always, late. Hopefully I'll get back in her good books by being a massive sop and writing some nice stuff about her in public.

I am so endlessly grateful for Maddy's existence. She is one of the most universally loved people I've ever met. She exudes kindness and joy and selflessness. She manages to juggle being both frustratingly intelligent and hilariously dippy; it's impressive. When I'm with her (or barraging her with texts at all hours), I'm constantly discovering things about myself, challenging myself and growing myself. I don't think we go a day without some kind of profound revelation about love, life and the universe. Here's some lessons I've learnt from her over the nine years (!) since we first met (on Myspace, no less)...

Some people don't always want to talk about their problems, let them come to you.

The first sip of a can of coke is one of life's simplest pleasures. (NB: one can of coke is not enough for a full evening of slobbing).

(If Maddy can grow her half-eaten fingertips nails) I can do anything I put my mind to.

The best friendships are the ones with no conversational boundaries. Ignoring certain conversational boundaries is good for the soul, too.

A true friend is allergic to cats and still comes to your cat-infested house every few days. Friendship is snot.

Throw caution to the wind and laugh at everything without a second thought to who is nearby/trying to enjoy their movie in peace/in the next town. The cackle is happiness.

There is such a thing as a flat stomach. But it's probably more likely to be achievable if you a) go to the gym and b) laugh as much as Maddy.

Punctuation can do wonders.

You can be both completely the same as a person and completely different to a person at the exact same time.

Even the most intelligent, brilliant people have their moments of idiocy. There's an almost palpable difference between books wise and street wise.

There's a big word for every occasion.

There's no "I" in "snug".

You should never underestimate MSN Messenger and Myspace for friendship formation. The best friendships can be founded in a particularly affable 'pc4pc' or wall comment, solidified through a particularly emo 'personal statement' and exhibitioned in a particularly well-curated 'Top Eight' list.

Studying is made easier with (regular) edible milestones.

Contrary to social norms, it is actually acceptable to happen upon, and immediately follow, random people and a number of their friends on Twitter because you think they're funny as a group.

I'm never really alone, even when my brain is telling me I am.

Scuba suits are brutally unforgiving. For some.

It's okay to agree to disagree on Ed Sheeran.

When it comes to singing along to the radio, it's okay to substitute rhythm and tunefulness for energy, commitment and the element of surprise.

Planning is overrated (and not for me).

Ditto good timekeeping.

You should always keep a pork pie on hand as a pre-dinner snack to keep those hunger pangs at bay (and to expertly expand your stomach just enough that you can eat three courses + appetisers, no problem).

It's okay to base your entire teenage sense of self worth on the opinions of a particularly hard-to-please teacher ("it's a HYPHEN!").

Some people can leave the house when it's humid and not do a Monica Geller.

It's good to find a happy medium between a bitter, twisted cynic and a hopeless romantic. But always stay cynical because it's funny.

Idiomatically speaking, I should never feel like I have to try and squeeze my square-pegged self into a circular hole. There will always be someone who loves and accepts me exactly the way I am, with all my edges (namely, my extreme aversion to personal space invasions and distaste for most physical displays of affection).

There is nothing that cannot be made better with a cup of tea and some Sainsbury's Bakery cookies.

Or a bottle of prosecco.

Happy Birthday, soulpal & tribe xxx

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