Thursday, 16 April 2015

Currently I am...

Currently I am...*

Anticipating: Siân's birthday meal tomorrow and playing around with a graphics tablet on loan this weekend.

Craving: refrigerated medjool dates and chocolate milk.

Feeling: in a bit of a rut, and very aware that I've let myself become quite uninspired.

Unsure about: how to be consistent with my blogging during my 'down' periods (sorry, guys).

Happy about: the fact it's still not fully dark outside at 8.30pm.

Listening to: Purity Ring's new album and my April and March playlists.

Missing: Maddy because I've been without her for six days, London (and, more specifically, the London sunshine).

Appreciating: independence in the small ways.

Irritated by: Chamali Fernando, the moron and this horrible reminder of disparity.

Proud of: the Leeds team for getting to the finals of the Enactus UK National Competition.

Wearing: an ASOS cricket jumper and some knitted joggers.

Lusting after: a Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat pencil and a tiny tattoo like one of these.

Determined to: start chronodexing and illustrating more.

Jealous of: Andy because he's going to Coachella any day now.

Avoiding: finishing any one of the 9584956794857 draft posts I've started.

Admiring: The Selby (thanks, Ana) and this beautiful pin.

Regretting: not reading this post of Zoe's in time for my London trip.

Reading: a summary of the Green Party's manifesto by The Debrief and Rebecca's brilliant blog round up.

What are you getting up to at the moment?

*not very creative, but I needed to show everyone that I'm still alive...

Sorry. I'm still alive.

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