Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ALG April Playlist

ALG April Playlist

I think I, and every other person, say this every month, but I can't believe it's already the end of April... it's freaking me out that I'm putting this post together. Here's what I've been listening to since last month, although I will admit that certain songs from my work's 'throwback' playlist have been omitted for the sake of my (extremely limited) street cred. *Cough* Spice Girls - Viva Forever *Cough*.

001. Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)

There's rarely a Friday this song doesn't make it into the office playlist, courtesy of either myself or Ana. And for good reason: it's just such a beautiful, easy-listening song. Ever-experimental with electronic music, Claire De Lune is a far cry from Flight Facilities' other, more light-hearted and almost 'summery' releases, which is certainly not a bad thing. I love this song even more now the sun's come out, too.

002. Wolf Alice - Giant Peach

Wolf Alice are doin' it again, with Giant Peach their brilliant first release of 2015. Given how much I love this, and the fact the video features Ewan MacIntosh (i.e. Keith from the Office), I can't wait to see what their imminent album, My Love Is Cool, has to offer.

003. Aquilo - Better Off Without You

Just one of the great EPs Aquilo have released over the past twelve months or so, Better Off Without You is a nice little taster of Calling Me, which is out in May. Intricate, R&B-infused production and soulful vocals make this track a real winner in my books.

004. Hozier - Foreigner's God

I can't help but love this man. Even now he's well and truly overplayed on most radio stations, I melt at his vocals and his lyrics strike continuous chords. This song in particular just gets me. "It's about feeling alien in a culture of feeling, feeling distant from your own cultural values, from your own place, from the accepted ideas that you inherited. And not feeling right, and not being able to express that… just feeling wrong.”

005. Banks - This Is What It Feels Like

Revisiting an old (ish) favourite, I've been listening to Banks a lot again lately. I thought I'd mention a track I'd not included in any other monthly playlist so far - produced by Silva, This is What it Feels Like is catchy and sexy and generally nice on the ears, featuring vocals from none other than Jamie Woon.

006. Purity Ring - bodyache

This whole album was an instant favourite when it was released last month. I love Megan's vocals so much, and another eternity is a little 'catchier' than their previous albums, on the whole. So much love for Purity Ring, I'm even forgiving them for the lower case song titles. See also: begin again.

007. Jamie xx - Loud Places (ft. Romy)

I went through a real Jamie xx phase during my second year of uni, but this song has been winning me back over ever since I heard it playing at a friends house a few weeks back. Featuring vocals from xx bandmate Romy Madley-Croft, there's that oh-so-familiar soft, whispery thing the xx gripped us with circa 2009. Love this so much.

008. Say Lou Lou - Nothing but a Heartbeat

With comparisons drawn to ALG playlist frequenters BANKS and Broods, as well as Jessie Ware and even London Grammar, it's no wonder I took a liking to Say Lou Lou on first listen. Nothing But A Heartbeat was technically my second choice, after the absolutely dreamy cover of Daft Punk's Instant Crush, which isn't on Spotify, but is included below anyway. I spoil you.

009. Years & Years - Worship

This is the third Years & Years song I've included in two months, but all their songs are just so catchy and feel good - exactly what I want for this warmer weather. This one I only heard much more recently, but I love it already.

You can listen to my playlist below or open it in the app and follow it here. First, though, Say Lou Lou:

What are you listening to this month?

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