Sunday, 26 April 2015

28 Things My Best Friend Has Taught Me

28 Things My Best Friend Has Taught Me

It's my best friend Maddy's 23rd birthday today and her present is, as always, late. Hopefully I'll get back in her good books by being a massive sop and writing some nice stuff about her in public.

I am so endlessly grateful for Maddy's existence. She is one of the most universally loved people I've ever met. She exudes kindness and joy and selflessness. She manages to juggle being both frustratingly intelligent and hilariously dippy; it's impressive. When I'm with her (or barraging her with texts at all hours), I'm constantly discovering things about myself, challenging myself and growing myself. I don't think we go a day without some kind of profound revelation about love, life and the universe. Here's some lessons I've learnt from her over the nine years (!) since we first met (on Myspace, no less)...

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ALG April Playlist

ALG April Playlist

I think I, and every other person, say this every month, but I can't believe it's already the end of April... it's freaking me out that I'm putting this post together. Here's what I've been listening to since last month, although I will admit that certain songs from my work's 'throwback' playlist have been omitted for the sake of my (extremely limited) street cred. *Cough* Spice Girls - Viva Forever *Cough*.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Of Note: Pinterest #4

I spend an unreasonable amount of time on Pinterest, especially when I'm feeling a bit in a rut and want to get inspired. This past few weeks, I've especially been favouring type, illustrations and the occasional hair inspo to fill up my boards. Here's some favourites...


001. I shared this photo in my last post; I feel peaceful just looking at it, and it really makes me crave my own space (I'm not asking for a full studio here) to paint. Dreamy pin here.

002. This gorgeous dandelion print makes me want to get out my watercolours (there's a theme here, I think). Wish I could find the original source!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Currently I am...

Currently I am...*

Anticipating: Siân's birthday meal tomorrow and playing around with a graphics tablet on loan this weekend.

Craving: refrigerated medjool dates and chocolate milk.

Feeling: in a bit of a rut, and very aware that I've let myself become quite uninspired.

Unsure about: how to be consistent with my blogging during my 'down' periods (sorry, guys).

Happy about: the fact it's still not fully dark outside at 8.30pm.

Listening to: Purity Ring's new album and my April and March playlists.

Missing: Maddy because I've been without her for six days, London (and, more specifically, the London sunshine).

Appreciating: independence in the small ways.

Irritated by: Chamali Fernando, the moron and this horrible reminder of disparity.

Proud of: the Leeds team for getting to the finals of the Enactus UK National Competition.

Wearing: an ASOS cricket jumper and some knitted joggers.

Lusting after: a Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat pencil and a tiny tattoo like one of these.

Determined to: start chronodexing and illustrating more.

Jealous of: Andy because he's going to Coachella any day now.

Avoiding: finishing any one of the 9584956794857 draft posts I've started.

Admiring: The Selby (thanks, Ana) and this beautiful pin.

Regretting: not reading this post of Zoe's in time for my London trip.

Reading: a summary of the Green Party's manifesto by The Debrief and Rebecca's brilliant blog round up.

What are you getting up to at the moment?

*not very creative, but I needed to show everyone that I'm still alive...

Sorry. I'm still alive.

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