Saturday, 21 March 2015

9 Weekend Activities That Are Good For The Soul

Life has been getting on top of me lately. Really though, last night I came scarily close to booking a one way ticket to Bali in the midst of a mental breakdown/existential crisis, but that's a post for another time.

When things get too much and when the working week takes it out of you and you can feel the pressure building, it's more important than ever to use the weekend to recharge your batteries. Here's some things I try to do when I'm feeling stressed, low-spirited or just in need of a boost...

001. Wake up at a reasonable time. Find a happy medium between missing an entire morning and giving yourself a lie in, so you can feel rested in time for Monday and make the most of your weekend, without wasting too much time/daylight.

002. Rejuvenate your space by organising, tidying and cleaning. Sure, this is far from groundbreaking information, but the power of a tidy space on your mood and productivity is insane. And we all know clean sheets are the stuff of dreams.

003. Find nature and bask in it. Go for a walk, go for a run, drive through the countryside, whatever. Nature, especially when you're completely out in the open, is the ultimate boost.

004. Cook a nice breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). Taking time over meal preparation is something so many of us don't have the time or energy to do during the week, so weekends are great for enjoying both eating and cooking your meals. Treating yourself to a big (and healthy!) breakfast on a Saturday is guaranteed to get your weekend off to a good start, too.

005. Spend time with friends. Find your tribe and live in each other's pockets for a few hours or a day or whatever it takes to feed your soul what it needs to recuperate from a stressful/draining/boring (delete as appropriate) week. It might sound obvious, but I'm often guilty of passing up time with friends for a night in. What is more life-giving than an evening with some of your favourite people in the world?

006. Spend time on your own. I'm a Part Time Lone Wolf (PTLW©): I love/need to be on my own just as much as I love/need to be around people. I know I'm terrible at this, but try removing yourself from the internet, putting down your phone and enjoying some quiet time. Read a book, write, run yourself a bath, go for a walk, whatever; there's so many positives to allowing yourself some 'me time'.

007. Go out for coffee. Whether on your own or with a friend, going to a coffee shop or cafĂ© is an excuse to get up and dressed and go outside, and I don't know about you but I can be terrible at that sometimes. Enjoy a bit of people watching or start that book you've been meaning to read - your Saturday morning coffee never tasted so good.

008. Go for drinks, whether to the pub or a bar (or even a club if, unlike me, you live somewhere with more than two absolutely dismal club offerings). Have a little bit too much to drink and dance a little bit too enthusiastically (but try not to make the next day a write off, or you risk sacrificing that blissful rested feeling on the Monday morning). If going out isn't your thing, have some people over, crack open a bottle of wine and get your favourite playlist on. What could be better?

009. Slow down on Sunday evenings (and give them a chance). Sundays aren't actually evil, and we should all stop seeing them as the antedate to Monday. Try and re-shape your Sunday evening routine so that it becomes a positive; relax, unwind and give yourself the time to prepare mentally and physically for the week ahead.

What do you do to recharge over the weekend?

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