Thursday, 5 February 2015

Take 5 To Blog for Time To Change

001. My name is Rachel and I suffer from depression and anxiety.

002. My mental illness has affected my studies, my work, my relationships, and my self-concept.

003. My greatest source of support is my friends - those who 'get it' and those who don't - and my family.

004. My hope for the future is that I will continue to learn how to manage and cope with my illness, and that there will be a reduction in the stigma surrounding mental health issues. I hope I can continue to talk openly about my own experiences and offer my support to others.

005. I'm taking 5 on Time to Talk day because talking helps understanding, and if more people understand mental health, fewer people will suffer in silence.

Get involved with the Time to Talk Day 2015 #Take5ToBlog initiative and take five to have a conversation about mental health or post your own five sentence blog.

Sign the Time To Change pledge wall and learn more about how talking can tackle discrimination against mental health.

Take 5 To Blog

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