Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Of Note: Pinterest #2

001. A topical quote for me lately, I'm feeling a bit stressed out about all the clutter in my room/life/mind. I just don't need so much... stuff. Need to have an overhaul and do some sorting, I think. I also saw this quote on Nishaantishu a few days ago - straight to my quotes board.

002. This pin makes me crave the outdoors so much; I've got major, major cabin fever at the moment and can't wait to go on an adventure soon. Rach and I are planning a weekend somewhere exciting this year, at the very, very least, before our two year travel plan is go.

003. Rosie does it again with these amazing 'travelling noodles': a fresher, healthier take on the pot noodle. Can't wait to give this recipe a try - my office lunches have been getting more and more boring every day. Pin here.

004. A dangerous pin for my inner magpie. I love nothing more than a dainty ring or twelve, and that teeny tiny Jacquie Aiche hand chain is the prettiest ever. Waant.

005. A decorated globe, like this one from Anthropologie, is the cutest idea ever. I think this could be a really cute DIY at some point!

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