Sunday, 25 January 2015

Of Note: 8 Great Online Reads #2

It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a week. I've been utterly overwhelmed, and it's taken me a full seven days to get back on the blogging 'horse', weird as that might sound, since posting my last post: Why I Dropped Out of University (& Why it Wasn't the Biggest Mistake of My Life). The response was completely insane (for lack of a better phrase...) and I've been dedicating literally hours to replying to emails and messages. Amazing, but so, so draining.

I thought I'd ease myself back in with the next in my 'Of Note' series, and you probably won't be surprised to see that there's a bit of a mental health theme going on. Here's my favourite online reads of the last few months...

001: Veronica on why all 20-somethings should journal

Release, clarity, reflection and inspiration are just a few of the reasons why journaling is good for your soul/mind/life. Veronica goes into how keeping a diary is a form of self-care, and my 2015 (not) resolutions are all about reflecting and mindfulness so this was a great post to get me all excited about journaling this year.

002. Sophie on five things she doesn't believe in

The Private Life of a Girl is my favourite new blog discovery, and in this post, the girl behind the blog, Sophie, gives five important life lessons. Not everyone is going to like you, and you should learn to love yourself in the now, not expect to love yourself more IF...

Great read, great blog (it was hard to choose which post to include!)

003: Rhianna on managing anxiety without medication

Robowecop's Rhianna gives ten great tips and advice for dealing with anxiety, from simply drinking decaf tea to a look into sleep apps and yoga. This one hit home as I think I've gotten lazy when it comes to looking after my mental health (as weird as that sounds) since deciding to come off my medication last spring.

004: Zoë on being an introvert and her experiences with social anxiety

Zoë (Romeo & the Lonely Girl) is one of my favourite people and I couldn't be more proud of her for posting this. Her writing is brilliant, her stories are honest and her journey is inspiring; this one is worth a read even if you've never struggled with anxiety or being an introvert.

005: Chelsea on things life is too short for

From cuddling cute dogs (as long as you ask) to wearing flats when you don't want to wear heels - preach.

006: Chelsea, again, on Morning Person Privilege and how she is learning to have it

I couldn't choose just one. Being a Morning Person is a PRIVILEGE. Sure, I can make myself wake up earlier, but I will never, ever, ever, find it as easy as some people. No matter how much I want to. Morning People:

"The world (particularly the professional one) is more or less cut out for you, and no matter how much a night owl accomplishes, something about your very existence (and the fact that it starts at 7 AM) seems more powerful, and more put-together. You are perceived as the accomplished people of the world, even if you don’t do anything particularly useful with your mornings. Work that I and people like me do in the middle of the night — even if it’s real, hard work — doesn’t seem to matter as much. "

007: Amelia on how to tell if you're 'turnt up' or 'turned down'

Hahahaha. Haha. Ha. Thank goodness I remembered to read Man Repeller again. This had me laughing out loud (I'm hesitant to say 'loling' because Amelia would shoot me down if she were to see) the entire way through. Please read.

008: Katie on her decision to drop out of university

I've already congratulated her, but this is a brave and honest post about Katie of Scarphelia's decision to drop out of university this week. It sounds like the right choice, and I think you should read her letter to her parents even if it doesn't resonate with you in any way - she has a way with words.

Did any of these stand out for you? What have you been bookmarking, lately?

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  1. Aaaaahhhh! So happy to be included in such an amazing selection of posts! Thanks, Rachel!

    Rhianna | robowecop

    1. You're welcome! Absolutely love your article (and blog), Rhianna! x

  2. Excellent roundup, thank you for linking to so many interesting blogs!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn


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