Thursday, 4 December 2014

Of Note: Pinterest

After a long day in the office, some evenings are for going straight to the gym, being sociable or generally doing, you know, something. That said, some evenings are for quick changes into slob attire (read: instant bra removal) and clambering straight into bed with your laptop, where, if you're anything like me, the Pinterest tab is almost never closed.

Tonight is one of those nights. A slob night, if you will. Slob nights like these were made for Pinterest, and I've been pinning my little heart out lately. Here's a roundup of some of my favourites this week:

001. This pretty pin makes me want to get married or throw a huge Gossip Girl-esque party purely so I have an excuse to fill a room with pendant lights. Er, I'll keep dreaming...

002. I'm all over metallic home decor details and indoor planters lately, so this pin is right up my street. I'm making it my mission to get my hands on this amazing Iina Vuorivirta circular mirror, or something similar, in time for moving in to mine and K's cute little house in January.

003. I love type, I love illustrations, and I sure as hell love Emma Watson's #HeForShe speech. This pin ticks a whole lot of boxes, dunnit?

004. Messy hair, knitwear and the perfect lariat. I'd like to find a lariat like this Free People offering for less than £168, please!

005. I'm suffering from major wanderlust at the moment and this photograph of a road in Guizhou, China makes my soul hurt. So. Beautiful.

Follow me on Pinterest, I love finding new boards to follow!

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