Thursday, 8 September 2016

10 Little Things For Down Days

Bookshelf (10 Little Pick Me Ups for Down Days)

I'm spending a lot of time on my own lately, dealing with suffocating cabin fever and battling anxiety in a frustrating vicious cycle. At times like this, it's easy to get into a bit of a rut, so I'm trying to focus on doing at least something good for the soul each day, if and when I am able.

Sure, none of these things are exactly revolutionary but this post can serve as a reminder - probably more for me - that a) it is possible to blog something even at your lowest and b) when they are possible, the little things do actually make a difference so go and shower right now.

Talking to friends and family aside, here's the things I do when I'm feeling a bit rubbish - and leaving the house isn't an option - to get myself out of my downward spiral:

Friday, 5 August 2016

ALG July/August Playlist (ft Stranger Things Soundtrack)

ALG July/August Playlist

Over lunch recently, ZoĆ« and I were discussing playlist blog posts and how it seems like nobody cares, when she said that they aren't about that; they're self-indulgent. I couldn't agree more: it's nice to spend some time each month (or, you know, every two months...) being completely present in the music I'm listening to and putting together the perfect assembly of tracks to represent the last 30 (ahem, 60) days.

I did a Twitter poll on this because I was curious, and the "score" at time of writing is extremely mixed...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

"50 Things To Teach Your Daughters": An Edit

"50 Things To Teach Your Daughters": An Edit (Beyonce, Ivy Blue)


You sent me the link to a post on Facebook (Dawn French's fan page, to be precise) entitled "50 Things To Teach Your Daughters" and I so appreciate the gesture, but I was a bit nervous to even open it because I suspected--rightly--that I'd find it, y'know, problematic.

I know sometimes you think that I'm just looking for things to be annoyed about, but you have to understand that I care about the "small things" because they are part of a bigger picture; they help make up the foundations of bigger, more damaging problems. These things are important to me not because I'm a contrarian, but because they are important.

I bolded the ones I agree with (30.5/50 - see? I'm a reasonable person) and left some without comment because they were weird or simply hard to comment on.
Hope it makes sense to you!
P.S. Dawn almost definitely did not write it herself, sorry to break it to you. In fact, I think I found the original on Meraki Lane here.

P.P.S. I know you're a Christian, so some of these things--namely, the ones about sex--might not fit your beliefs; it's the overall message that's important, though, as I'm sure you'll understand!

P.P.P.S these aren't, like, the lessons I personally would want to teach my daughter... just my edits. Although thanks for the content inspo!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Taking A Breather

Taking A Breather | A Little Grey

Last month I tweeted that I was having a good mental health week, the best in years, but then I woke up a few days later and all the noise was back, after eight days of quiet. I thought maybe it would be okay, because at least I had those good days, right? But it's not okay. To be honest, it feels everything but okay.

Mostly I've been working on drowning out the constant stream of self-insults and overcoming the suffocation I feel sometimes simply for being in my own skin. Every now and then I leave the house, but usually I don't. Sometimes I find the words I'm searching for, but more often than not, writer's block wins. I've lost a great deal of interest in a lot of the stuff I love, and that sucks. Motivation is out the window, too, and I can't focus on anything for long.

It's frustrating and boring and disappointing and I'm really angry about it, but there's not a whole lot I can do right now.

So, yeah... it's been a little quiet around here this past few months, and it's probably gonna stay that way for a while longer, too; I have to figure some stuff out and start using the little energy I have to get some new projects rolling, reply to people I need to reply to. Basically: I'm gonna try my best to get (some) shit done, you know?

I guess I wanted to say that I'm still about, just not so present. Bear with me.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

ALG May/June Playlist

ALG May/June Playlist

So, yeah, I skipped a month. Not to worry, though, I've lumped all the songs into one longer playlist to make up for (?) it. Expect the usual mix; a few (belated) Bowie additions, a few classic JT's to make up for my disappointment at his (read: Disney Pixar's) new song, some summer "jams" and some more chilled out stuff.

'Ave a listen:

Monday, 23 May 2016

Mental Health Blogger Meet: Register Your Interest

Mental Health Blogger Meet

This evening I took part in the #thegirlgang Twitter chat and mentioned that I'd been thinking about organising a mental health blogger meet in the UK. The response was preeetty huge, so let's get the ball rolling!

I have absolutely no idea how this is going to work yet, but first I want to get an idea of numbers.

If you're interested in coming along to a meet to discuss blogging away the mental health stigma, leave me a comment below and I'll get compiling a list. I already have a number of names but I figured this would be a lot more efficient. 

Please include the following info to make my life easier:
  1. Your name
  2. Where you live, what major cities you're close to whether you'd easily be able to get to Manchester/Leeds (or London if we were to do a North and South meet)
  3. Your email address
  4. Your blog url
  5. Your Twitter handle
I know this started within #thegirlgang, but absolutely anyone will be welcome (provided you have a blog or are looking to start one).

After I've got a list together I'll have a brainstorm and figure out the best way to do this. Thanks guys, and hopefully see some of you in the near future x

P.s. Can everyone share this post using #mhmeet?

P.p.s if anyone has any thoughts/ideas, feel free to email them over!

P.p.p.s. sorry about the rushed photo and post...

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